Transform Your Life

With a Five-Week Program for Lasting Happiness, Confidence & Resilience


For Over A Decade, Jonas Cain Has Worked To Engage, Empower, And Encourage Thousands Of People To Help Them:


Foster a positive growth mindset. 
Gain clarity of purpose.
Develop high value relationships.
Be more confident.
Achieve sustainable growth and development.


Now he's sharing these valuable lessons in an in-depth research-based program that's both accessible and actionable: The Power of Resilience.


Schools Do An Amazing Job Teaching Academic Intelligence, But Tend To Leave Emotional Intelligence To Chance


In today's world it’s now more than ever it's important to grow your inner strengths and develop your internal resources to be more resilient in the face of challenges. 


In as little as 60 minutes a week, Jonas will show you how to approach, process, and manage life’s challenges by developing your psychological capital and emotional intelligence so you can:
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The Tools You Need For Lasting Change

With this all-inclusive in-depth program, you'll gain immediate access to the full online curriculum, giving you immediate access to the knowledge, skills, and resources you need to feel more happy, confident, and satisfied with life to make you resilient!

This program includes:

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Inspiring Talks

In-depth lesson filled with insights and practical tools for gaining mindfulness, clarity, and enhancing relationships.

Guided Reflections

These reflections coach you into self-discovery of ways to implement the material in a way that’s authentic to your experience.

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Gain new insights about yourself.

Supportive Community

Exclusive access to the members only Hashtag Positivity Community Forum and a private Facebook group where members like you ask questions and share insights with one another. 

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Weekly Reminders

Empowering emails to keep you motivated and on track.

Mobile App
A convenient mobile app is available for download from the app store so you can engage in the material even while on the go.

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Printable Transcripts
Downloadable and print the files so you can review the lessons at your own pace wherever you go.

Audio Recordings
Don’t have time to watch the video? Listen to the audio recording at your convenience.

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Five Weeks of Group Virtual Coaching

Receive direct and personal access to the instructor through weekly and monthly group coaching sessions to ask clarifying questions, share key personal insights, and work on your implementation plan together.

Digital Book

Receive a digital copy of Jonas Cain's book Are You POSITIVE, offering a refreshing new perspective on positive thinking. This book is also suggested reading for this course, so you’ll have ready access to it.

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Lifetime Access
So you can refer to the material as needed.

Hashtag Positivity T-Shirt
Receive your very own #POSITIVITY t-shirt to anchor you in positivity and let everyone know that you support positivity in your community.

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Money-Back Guarantee
If you work through this program, complete all the activities, and participate in the group coaching calls for a full month, and yet are unsatisfied with your experience, you can ask for your money back.


Take The First Step To Being Happier, Calmer, And More Resilient

Experience a fascinating in-depth journey of positivity that will transform your life, with Jonas Cain as your facilitator and guide.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try the program risk-free. If you’re not happy with it in the first 30 days, let us know, and we’ll send you a full refund.